Some personal suggestions

I have some suggestions and wish lists for next Nuendo update.
Hope some of them could be implemented in the future version.:>

  1. The cursor follows Undo/Redo actions so that you could see what you’ve undone and where you were.
  2. It takes too long to open a project. Is it possible to put those track or events loading in background process and let me just start to work in a shorter time?
  3. It’s great to open multiple projects at the same time but it’s tedious to come back and forth to activate a project to be able to find the right time code and copy events to another.
  4. The offline processes are not copied when I copy events from project to another.
  5. Locate to Fades. Wish we could jump cursor to every fade point like we could locate to previous/next event.
  6. Use audio EDL to reconform.
  7. Import track archive or tracks from project will result offline processed events with wrong waveform image.
  8. Using Revoice Pro as extension has to make it permanent to take effect.
  9. Split channels directly to tracks.
  10. Enter start/end timecode and change volume on folders
  11. copy/cut/paste follows cursor position.
  12. Cut head/tail also copy it to clipboard so that I can paste the head or tail to somewhere else. Now is more like erase head/tail.
  13. Range stays with current selected track.
  14. Change channel configuration directly on the existing channel.
  15. Rename an event with a key command.
  16. Bounce multiple events to a single event and make the event channel width follow channel configuration.
  17. Cut/Copy head and tail of an event and paste it to somewhere else.
  18. Directly render a blank range to a blank event.
  19. Cut head or tail without moving fade point.(When not using mouse drag)
  20. Jog follows the current cursor position instead of where I jogged before.
  21. When deleting multiple events with a range selection, delete all layers or lanes.

Thank you!!

Many thanks for taking the time and listing up your favorites. I cannot promise anything right now but we’ll have a look at your list!

Thank you for using Nuendo!