Some plugs crash in surround channels


I’m having some crashes of plugins that work great in stereo channels but crash when inserted in surround, i.e. Abbey Road TG EQ (it’s a surround capable fx) and Lexicon RandomHall.

Anybody can reproduce it?


I don’t have the Abbey Road plugins, but I did buy the Lexicons and cannot repro this one.
The Lexicon PCM Native Bundle is not a surround plugin though…they are all mono/stereo only.

Thanks for trying :smiley:

Still odd though.
Can you send me an NPR with the offending Lexicon plug installed?
Also wondering if you are up to date from the server on the Lexicons - there was an update recently…

It happens even with a new project, so it’s easy to reproduce :slight_smile:

I’ve reported the crash to EMI, but I have to try the Lex on my friend’s computer (I borrowed his iLok)

Thanks for trying anyway.

Antonio, what type of track is the Lexi RH crashing in?
I have tried it in FX tracks and group tracks, both 5.1 and no crashes.
I will go away & try again, but project details might help with a repro…


Thanks for your time!

I’ve tried on FX channels and in a simple 5.1 audio track. The project is a 48khz/24 bits regular projects. Just one channel, one plugin and crash.

BTW, I’m on a Mac, so maybe it’s a issue related only with Macs.


It must be - just tried again, and no trouble here at all.
The only problem, of course, is that the Lexicons are not surround capable so only show on L/R channels (unless rerouted with the editor)

Sorry I cannot confirm…

Thanks anyway :slight_smile: