Some probably very basic mixer questions that puzzles me

  1. Using Note Performer I have to be in Play mode to open the mixer from the edit instrument button on the right as the one in the head that can be clicked everywhere opens the original mixer that doesn’t affect anything in NP. Is that right?
  2. When I have several flows the volume, reverb and pan that I put will not be possible to adjust differently to different flows, is that really so?
  3. It doesn’t seem possible to have a separate mixer window for each flow, even if each one has its own instruments, correct?
  4. If I delete a flow and want to get rid of its faders all settings for all other instruments in all flows will disappear when I reload the Playback Template.

It’s my sincere hope that these shortcomings are all mine and have simple explanations.

  1. NP has its own mixer where most adjustments shoud be made. It then feeds into the Dorico Mixer.

2-4. Although I have not investigated this exhaustively, my sense is that the mixer settings (whether NP’s or Dorico’s) are for the entire document and not adjustable by flow although you might be able to fiddle with the CC Lanes in Play.

Sorry to bump but are there any answers to my questions, please?

NotePerformer is not a Steinberg product, so realize your questions are sort of split between Dorico questions and NotePerformer questions. Many people here will own NP, but many don’t as well.

NP is a pretty great low-cost, minimal effort playback solution. For those looking for a good sounding library with a great ease of use/hassle ratio, it probably can’t be beat. That said, if you are looking for more complicated setups, NP might not give you as much flexibility as you’d like.

  1. As Derrek said, you’ll need to make edits in NP’s own mixer. Other VSTs will let you open separate instances for each instrument to get more control, but not NP.

  2. No, this will not be independently adjustable by flow using NP as far as I know. Other VSTs may offer different CCs for dynamic and other controls, so you can create playing techniques to adjust the overall volume of that instrument in different flows. NP is designed for ease of use, so I don’t believe these are options.

  3. No. Both NP and Dorico’s mixer are for the project. Some libraries may allow for modifications with CCs, but I don’t believe NP does.

  4. Reloading a Playback Template will wipe out all manual adjustments you may have made. If you just need to remove faders from Dorico’s mixer, go in to your Endpoint Setup and click the correct number of audio outputs to show in the Mixer.

Thank you very much for your fast and accurate answer FredGUnn.

Since I often use different instrumentations/versions for different flows of the same musical material my best bet is probably to have one instrument group for each flow if I need different mixer settings I suppose.