Some problems when bi-directional repeat mark meets the change of time signature

Hello, devs. I’m currently using Dorico 4 to produce some scores. And here is the question:

When the bi-directional repeat mark meets the change of time signature, the default setting in Dorico would place the new time signature between two back-to-back repeat marks just like this:

But, it seems like placing the time signetature behind the bi-directional repeat mark is more reasonable for me, for I think the two back-to-back repeat marks shouldn’t be seperated.

Can you give me the reason why Dorico handles this detail in the first way? And If I want to alter it to the second, where can I adjust the setting? Thank you.

This is the arrangement I would prefer.

This has already been requested before.
According to Gould, p.234

this is correct.

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We know that some users would like us to add further options in this area, and it is on our backlog for future consideration.

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as an interim workaround,
You could hide the time signature (property panel /lower zone)
create a ‘4/4’ graphic and place the graphic in the following bar.
It is not very elegant but it works.
You could create graphics for the most common time signatures.

Another possibility is to apply a Text with Shift + X.
the upper part of the (handmade) time signature coupled with the first note.
the lower part coupled with the second note/rest.
that makes it easier to move them independently.
In engrave mode you can draw them to the correct position.
I used the ‘academico’ 15.0 pt /‘font stretch 110%, bold’ font style,
that looks very like an original time signature.
at least in page view and printview.
If frequently needed you could also generate a new font character style,
so you don’t have to put in the values every time.
This might be easier than my first proposal.

Right, I’ve got that.

And There is an another question for me.

When I have staff in smaller size along with the normal size staff, the time signature will be right in the middle of two repeat marks in the normal staff while the one in the smaller staff will be away from the center to the left side.

I’ve tried to adjust it by changing their X value, but since these signatures are chained, they’ll all move. Once the smaller time signature’s position is correct, the other’s position is wrong. Seems like they’re all left aligned and cannot be adjusted.

Can I adjust their X value separately?

I’m afraid not, no.