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Casey Faris posts excellent tutorials on using the Video Editor DaVinci Resolve. After watching a few on a topic of interest, YouTube suggested the one below. While watching it I realized all his advice applied just as well to Audio Recording and music making.

Thanks for sharing. I’ve watched a few of his videos before as I’ve dabbled in video editing with Resolve. He’s good. (I can also recommend Avery Peck’s channel for some high quality videos about color grading.)
I’ll check this out.

Thanks for sharing, but it’s actually the same message you get in these video’s whatever you do!

If you’re going to polish nails…you know…the first time you do this they won’t be that shiny?But …

If you’re going to drive a car for the first time…you know…it’s going to be bumpy. But…

If you write and mix your first song and it doesn’t sound that great…you know…But…

It doesn’t matter if you fail the fist 100 times,…But…

…But with my help you’ll…get…


Sorry, but I can’t deal with these bullshit video’s anymore.

I don’t deny anyone’s income but I’m really totally done with the non information these kind of video’s present!

And yet how many posts do we see on this very forum from folks who’ve had Cubase for a couple of months and are appalled that their recordings don’t sound like the radio, which surely must be caused by a BUG!!! in Cubase. And why isn’t there a big button to push that makes everything sound great.

There are a significant number of folks here who expect to be good at ‘stuff’ right at the start. You may be over it but those folks might benefit from it.

Do you perhaps reside in an alternate universe where your eyes are held open Clockwork Orange style while they force you to watch videos against your will?

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I think Casey Faris has a talent indeed.

Okay, but this one is kind of motivating people in a well thought of message.
Anyhow the OP must have liked it too :wink:

I get where you are coming from but I also sympathize with Nickeldome.

My particular pet hate is having, in essence, failed composers selling you the notion that they can teach you how to write like John Williams, which as you can guess is total BS sold to rookies.

Although I am not saying that people who post helpful videos for Mixing and Producing are all offering ‘snake oil’ advice, like the chaps who claim they can condense 20 years of complex musical studies into an hour-long course, however, I would be cautious about following videos from people who claim they know what they are doing with regards to mixing and producing on Cubase.

I would personally look for reputable sound engineers and purchase a masterclass or something to that effect that works with Cubase.

That said, there are one or two people gaining stellar advice on bits and pieces to do with production functions on Cubase.

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Hahaha. I really like the reference to Clockwork Orange! (Not all people may get this?)

Of course you’re right. I’m not forced to watch these videos? But I still debate the general usability of these.

Youtube is flooded with people that will tell you how everything works without actually telling you anything just to satisfy their revenue model and that just irritates the hell out of me.

So, maybe not for me? But if someone can get something out of this good for them!

True enough. Although Faris isn’t one of those folks. He’s real good at explaining the technical details of using DaVinci Resolve.

I am singing in the rain …


When the Skip Ad Button’s countdown display reads “Never”

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Three guys I’m good watching on line/ YouTube to learn about Cubase from (no snake oil) are Chris Selim, Dom Sigalas (don’t drink coffee before watching him), and Greg Ondo, probably in reverse order.

Also Lanewood Studios is good, IMO.

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Oh yeah, besides full tutorials, if you would like great tips on mixing, Chris Selim and Dom Sigalas are great. I did learn a ton of tricks and tips from these guys.

I’ll check the other people you mentioned. Cheers!

That’s the truth. Jef Gibbons is also quite good for Cubase videos.