Some Progressive Trance [Cubase 7]

I wold love to know what you think?

Good mix and sound very pro to me. Around 2:30 I wanted to hear something else like a development of the melody line or an additional melodic twist .

Yeh man, and i really like the ‘analogue comping’ patch you got going underneath. It really helps tie it all together.

Gotta say this is VERY excellent…went to it thinking, ah well, another trance instrumental but this stands out, I luv any genre of music if it’s done to a high technical and musical standard…such as this…well done…Kevin

agree with MrM regarding the later development

Thank you very much for the nice comments. :slight_smile:

In future I’ll spend more time on developing of melodies. :bulb:

yeh this very good .

Very nice Prog-Trance track… wish I knew how to do this sort of thing

Thanks again :slight_smile:))

@twilightsong - I would love to give you some feedback, pointers and tips

Hey Guys, Yesterday Above & Beyond drop “Perfect Start” on Group Therapy Radio, and I cant say how excited I am. So if you liked the track, can you give me your vote for “Push The Button”

Listen Here -


The repetitive hooks are the most important thing and you’ve nailed that. The production quality is very good too. The arrangement is fine too, although I’d have liked a female vocal with a very breathy sound sustaining long notes at 2:15 in a diminuendo and at 2:32 to the end a melody should really be over the top, preferably with female vocals (and even more preferably not singing English words, more geared toward the impression of speech.) If it had a nice breathy female vocal I’d put the track up there with some of the best in the genre. But both tracks are very good as they are.

Same comments for the second track too (except vocal entering at different times.)

I enjoyed both tracks anyway and I know this genre pretty well. I like the electronic sounds you used here and that are typically used in this genre. They can create a nice emotional affect on the listener, something that I find sounds used in dubstep just can’t achieve, at least in myself anyway. Very well done and good luck.

Love it!! Voted for you on FB and see you’re top of the list, congratulations! You have a beautiful studio! I’m an Armin van Buuren fan and I can tell you that you are capable of being in the big league with any of those progressive trance producers. You sound is perfect and I like your mix and the whole feel of the music. Very curious to know what did you use for you synth sounds, only Retrologue? And where does that swishes comes from (not sure how to call it, 0:32 and 3:28)? Did you use sidechaining for that bouncing effect? You should ask Armin to introduce this on A State of Trance, I don’t miss an episode! Michael.