Some question about expression mapping

Excuse me,How could I use the expression mapping to control the velocity of the keySwitch freely?For example with the ample sound guitar,different velocity correspond to different slide speeds.But the mapping only has one velocity.If I want to use 5 types of slides,I must have to use 5 mappings.It’s too clumsy. and I didn’t found the answer in the Operation Manual.That puzzlded me quite a lot of days.Can you help me?Is there has any video tutorials on this issue?Thanks a lots~

I think you’ll need to do something like this where each slot is triggering the same Key Switch (C3) but with a different Velocity value. Go to the Cubase YouTube page (the Hub has a link) where I’d be surprised if there aren’t videos on the subject there.

Thank you for help,but that was I used to do.
You know the technique of slide guitar ,there’s too many velocity would be used,many be more than 20,I couldn’t made 20 mappings. It’s too complicated and inflexible,I wouldn’t do that.Is there a way by mapping just like the keyswitch? I could control the velocity by CC, automation or sth freely. Thanks again~ :sunflower: