Some questions about the Halion version that comes with Elements

If I’m reading this right, the version of Halion that comes with Cubase Elements 10.5 is Halion Sonic SE3?

And this is the same version that can be downloaded from here:

How many sounds does it come with?

And can I download & install the free version before I buy & install Elements? If so, will it have any sounds that I can get familiar with?

I’ve already installed it, and I’m getting a “Some audio files are missing” error that I’m trying to work out here:

The manual says: “The free version does not contain any content” but then why do I see a list of instruments like Pianos, basses, etc?

Should I uninstall the Sonic SE3 I installed if I get Cubase Elements?

Yes, Halion Sonic SE3 is included with Cubase Elements.
Cubase Elements contains over 1000 sounds totally (not only for HSSE, also Groove Agent SE is included).

Although you can install the free HSSE version, the free version does not contain any sounds (but sounds are included with Cubase Elements).
You can however try the trial version for Cubase Elements free for 30 days here:

If you get Cubase Elements it will either install HSSE3 or update your existing HSSE3 installation, so it should not matter if you uninstall HSSE3 or not.

(Regarding your other thread, you only need the full 3.4 installer, not the older 3.1. But the free version doesn’t contain any sounds anyway.
I wrote an answer in your other thread too, but for some strange reason it got stuck into moderation.)

Thanks for the reply, much appreciated.

Although you can install the free HSSE version, the free version does not contain any sounds

Ok, that’s what confused me. If you look at the screenshot I reposted in another thread about the “Some audio files missing” thing:

… why is it showing the names of some instruments/sounds like “Turkish Perc kit 01” ??? Mine shows in that same Load space instruments like “Acoustic Grand Piano” etc etc.

Does free Halion list the names of the sounds but doesn’t actually include them?

Free version contains sounds, but it often seems to not find them by default if you install the sounds to a different directory than the default.

It contains a basic set of GM sounds. So, it’s useful if you use a DAW that doesn’t include a General MIDI Synth. Samplitude Pro is one example of such a scenario.

The sounds should be in ProgramData\Steinberg\Content. If you set a non-default location for the sound data, move the files from there to the location you set.

So the free version DOES come with sounds? When I installed it, I just went with whatever default it directed me to do, no unusual locations.

I see that I have ProgramData\Steinberg\Content with the sub folders

ProgramData\Steinberg\Content \Halion\VSTsound (18 files) …as well as… ProgramData\Steinberg\Content \VSTsound (1 file)

The folder: ProgramData\Steinberg\Content \Halion\VSTsound contains about 18 files with names like “FCP_SMP_222_Basic_Controls.vstsound”

What could be the problem?

I just know that Steinberg states here that the free HSSE does not contain any content:
True or false?

The free HALion Sonic SE download version does not contain any content.

I you want to try HSSE out, why not get the Cubase Elements Trial version (linked in a post above)? I suppose all content for HSSE is in that trial so you can try both HSSE and Cubase Elements in one go.