Some sort of back up protocol with ARA2?

There’s been a couple instances where I seem to mysteriously lose work where an event reverts back to how it was before I spectralayered it and removed some noises. I think maybe when there is a soft-crash or maybe I accidently ctrl-z’d and didn’t realize.

can this be found in the cache? I’m not sure

Okay okay, I don’t know how to explain this.

I had some sort of crash but a typical Cubase crash where the program stays opened. and for whatever reason an event I had just Spectralayerd (and I’m pretty sure bounced but not %100 certain) reverted back to the original event before I SL’d it. it was like 30 or 40 minutes worth of fine work lost.

Close the program and re-open it hoping I can find the bounced file but it’s nowhere to be found, not in the pool, it’s not unlisted in the project folder, etc, etc.

So after shaking myself off a bit, I go to redo my editing, add SL to the event via ARA2 and my edits returned!

So I guess because of file naming or, I’m not sure - but it re-merged the event with the SL cache file somehow?

It seems very lucky that this happened and maybe wouldn’t have if I went to move on editing something else… It would be great to have some sort of clear protocol on this.

Glad you were able to recover your work - however what happens here is all handled by Cubase, can’t help you much with that unfortunately.