Some string divisi ties disappear when going to unison system

I’m working on parts to an opera and running into some strange behavior with some string divisi. In the following GIF, you can see a 3-part divisi ends at the “unison” signpost. But look at the ties from that system to the following one. Two of the ties draw as short (l.v.) ties, and if I manually add a system break, two of the ties disappear completely.

Is this a strange bug, or am I doing something wrong? Searching on the forum I don’t see other people asking about divisi ties, and it seems like this would happen often.

(I haven’t yet quite figured out how to get the “unis.” to correctly appear at the beginning of the following staff, so ignore the triple-duplicated unison text.) Happy to share the Dorico file with an employee if it’s useful, it’s just a gigantic file so rather unwieldy.


adding to your question, why does the second system’s spacing keep changing? (bars 37–54)

The issue with ties not appearing correctly on a unison chunk at the end of a system is indeed unfortunately a bug, and a rather tricky one as well. It’s on the list to be fixed in future. In the meantime, although it’s somewhat contrary to the way we like to approach these things, unfortunately you’ll need to move the unison so that it coincides with the end of the system and manually duplicate the music onto the divisi staves.