Some suggestions (saving time and lots of mouse/kb clicks)

Hi! I’ve been using N8 for a little while now and thought to suggest some things that have been pet peeves of mine for a while now in previous versions as well. If some of these can actually be fixed by user settings or something already, then sorry in advance.

  1. File browsing - the Import Audio/import anything window always defaults to the previous folder I’ve imported anything from, whether in the current project or another one. This is a bit impractical and causes extra mouse clicks, I would rather it defaulted into the main folder of the current project, for instance - you could have a Preferences setting on where it defaults to.

  2. Additionally regarding file browsing - the import browser has access to that Windows Quick Access shortcut, which helps a bit, but I would very much like a more customized import window that allowed the user to add some Nuendo-specific favorite folder shortcuts.

  3. Exporting - When choosing an Export folder the user’s given an option to either browse for a folder or use the project’s Audio folder. Here, user-set shortcuts in the file browser would again prove very useful, and in addition to that the earlier pop-up menu could have one more option, “Use Project Export Folder” - as the description implies, it would create a folder named Export within the project folder and place the rendered audio there.

  4. Automation - I use Nuendo for music as well as post. Often MIDI CC automation is essential to using different synths and sample libraries. Currently, from creating an instrument track with an instrument loaded up it takes a minimum of 8 mouse clicks/key presses to open up an automation lane, find the parameter for CC1/modwheel and select it (I know you can also edit CC1 within the MIDI editor but I prefer to use the curves in the automation lane). Conversely, when pressing and holding the mouse on the parameter selection panel, the default parameters selectable (before having to select the More… option to open up the separate window) have lots that I don’t use by default. I would like to customize that initial drop down menu to have the parameters I use most. If this is a possibility already, I havent’ found it.

  5. When creating a Sampler track using audio on an Audio track, the Sampler track is created at the very bottom of the screen. I’d like it to be created below the Audio track from which the source material came. Also, if the output of the original Audio track was routed to a specific Group channel, I’d like for the created Sampler track to also be routed to that same Group.

    … I probably had some more as well but can’t remember them right now. Would love to see these things implemented, I don’t know much about programming but these mostly being basically menu customization it shouldn’t be that big a thing, right?

Oh, I remembered one more:

  1. OMF/AAF importing, for small projects it would be nice to have an option where the timecode position is totally ignored and the files are imported where the project position cursor is at the moment.