Some swing some straight

Dear all,

Is there a way to playback one player straight for a certain passages while the others are played back swinging?

Yes there is :slight_smile:

Thank you very much Lillie!

I understand the theory but I have the following problem:

My score is set on “swing” most of the time but at times I want single instruments to play straight while the others continue swinging. Somehow that doesn’t work with the “alt-return”. All I get is a tempo marking “straight” for all players and somehow it all plays slower than before. (72bpm instead of 88)

As you’re entering into the popover, select the “straight (no swing)” option from the menu using the arrow keys (don’t click it). You probably have to press Return once to select it, then Alt-Return to confirm/close the popover. It sounds like you ended up inputting a generic tempo change for all players, rather than a rhythmic feel as described here, and if memory serves that’s why it gets a default tempo of 72bpm - if necessary, you can change this in the Properties panel at the bottom of the window.

This seems to work, but I have to admit that although I could add an individual swing staff to a straight ensemble but could not add the straight option to a single staff of a swing ensemble–at least not in Write mode. (1.62 MB)
Just saw Lillie’s post and tried it. (1.62 MB)
Thank you, Lillie! :astonished:

It’s the trombone player. Am I right?

Thank you Lillie! now it works! :smiley: One has to select the rhythmic feel with the arrow key and then DIRECTLY press alt-return.

Haha, no cparmerlee, it’s the oboe that plays Strauss oboe concerto straight with a double reed band swinging a jazzy accompaniment to it… I know… :wink: