Some system objects on multiple staves, others only on top

I’d like tempo markings on multiple staves, but rehearsal marks only at the top. Is there a way to do this without having to do it individually for each mark?

No, at the moment this isn’t possible, I’m afraid.

Same wish here. In a two-player piece where both players are reading off the full score, single rehearsal marks are plenty visible for both players; duplicating them is just excessive. (The same is arguably true for 1st and 2nd endings, though duplicating them for both players is standard practice.)

Of course the ideal solution would be the ability to set which system items appear only at the top per category (tempo, rehearsal mark, etc). However, the truly onerous part of manually hiding rehearsal marks on the lower systems is fixing the staff spacing after. A partial solution that removed that pain would suffice, e.g. being able to hide individual musical metadata items such as rehearsal marks in a way that the layout respects.

Yes I wish staff (and other spacing) would adjust to manual hiding/moving!