Some thoughts on selecting from a demo user

I’m struggling a bit here with selections. For instance, I’m digging into some old demos and it’s done a mixed job. The bass is pretty good though, apart from some of the rhythm guitar breaking through. I’m trying to split them using frequency selection but it’s a fine line and I’m finding the dialogue boxes to expand/contract the selection a bit clunky (even with shortcut keys set), especially as they have an annoying habit of defaulting to 5 pixels instead of the last used, which means you can’t quickly go up or down one at a time. Perhaps zooming in would help but still, it doesn’t feel ideal.

I miss not being able to grab the selection boundary with the mouse and adjust on the fly. This is particularly disadvantageous when you want to solo the bottom end, say, as here. You can’t zoom in on the upper boundary to make fine adjustents; you have to reselect but you can’t go all the way down because you’re zoomed in and it won’t let you extend beyond the window (or it doesn’t seem to).

Perhaps I’m going about things the wrong way but at the moment it’s not been workflow heaven. I want to persist though because I think this is a great concept.

Another observation I’d like to add: it would be very useful if Frequency Fade could be adjusted ‘live’ from the toolbar, rather than having to re-select.

(On a more minor point, the same applies to Luminosity adjustments in Prefs, so maybe it’s a more general adjustment thing…)