some tracks don't play back sound

I need some help sorting out this issue I’ve had since reinstalling cubase elements 7.

For example, today I opened a session that I did yesterday, and click play. Starts fine, sound is coming out from track three, and then when track two starts to have audio, nothing plays back. There is, visually, audio there that the being scrolled through, but there is no sound. I mixed this session down yesterday, and it worked fine then.

the same thing was happening yesterday. I’d record and click playback after to listen, and sometimes (couldn’t figure out what caused it) there would be no playback. Obviously infuriating when you lose a good take. No point checking, it seems, because once you start recording, it is either going to work or not.

How can I provide more help to you… to help me?

So far I have looked at event viewer in windows, and saw that videodecode.exe, videooutput.exe and videopreload.exe are causing application errors. I don’t need video functionality, and am not using it.

thanks in advance.


You can remove the videoengine.dll component, if you don’t want to use video.

Does it mean, just the one track doesn’t play back? Or the whole project is silence?

If the 1st is true, please double check your routing, and automation. Maybe some MixConsole > routing screenshot would help.

If the 2nd is true, try to increase Buffer Size of your Audio Device, please.

Thanks Martin

It’s the first of the two options you guessed.

Here is a screen shot. I also increased the buffer size for my driver.

How do I disable the video components of cubase?

Thanks for the screenshot. So the Copy of…" track is silent? What tracks are routed to the FX? In the FX, there is just the Reverb?

Is it the same, when you Add a new track, and copy the settings and the data of the track to this new track?

To disable the video component, you have to děte the videoengine.dll file, which you can find in the Cubase folder. Right-click to the Cubase desktop icon, select Show Folder. Now you can see Cubase.exe, and at the same level, you can see Components folder. Open it, here the videoengine.dll file sits. Rename it to videoengine._dll.

I haven’t done anything with FX/reverb. I am a newbie to this program… haven’t used it much ever really, and not at all for about two years.

This session was created by chosing the template ‘Distortion Guitar + vocal’ at the startup screen.

I recorded a clean take or two on a track, then duplicated a track to create a new track (now I don’t do that, I found the “add audio track” feature), delete the old track and record a distorted part.

I think the issue is somehow harddrive related. It ‘feels’ like the data is not saving in one place, and when reading it back it is unable to read the whole thing… Really hard to describe, I may have to do a video.

I have renamed the video.dll as you suggested.

Here is a link to the video I made .

Just to be clear, the second bit of audio is nothing at all like what I recorded. I recordded random distorted notes both times, while the second one sounds like I strummed a little bit of acoustic guitar at the end…

I hope that is clear

Stange, no idea…

If you try to play this file in other player, can you hear what was recorded, or the strange sound?

It seems that once the track starts playing up like this, it’s cemented. When I export, it exports the sound (with problems) as they exist in the session.

And how does the source file sound like? Can you find it in the Pool, Open in the File Explorer and check?

The exported mp3 audio sounds exactly as it sounds in the session, with the silent second part and thew weird squeeks and squeels.

edit: I found the raw tracks and they are fine.

Could you share the project with all files via Dropbox, please?

There is the link to the dropbox folder with all the original files (for a new session that I did to recreate the problem).
In there you can see the mixdown which includes the problem, the original files that work fine, and the session file that you can open in cubase.

I just opened it in cubase myself, and playing the audio back, it seems to work fine… That’s not to say the issue is fixed, but just that upon reopening it the playback is fine.

I suspect that if I recorded more on that session, the problems would reoccur for any new recorded parts.

further update (just confirming the symptoms)…

I decided to record last night, despite these issues, and since I was just doing short takes, I would try a take, and if it played back once I had done it, good, otherwise I’d try again. Eventually I got takes of every bit I wanted. Lots of wasted time, and no way to tell if a recording take is going to stick or be lost.


I’m sorry, I was out a bit.

Thank you for the project. I open it in my system and it sounds as expected. So it had to be on the playback side.

What Audio Device do you have? Do you have the latest driver installed? Could you try with Generic Low Latency Driver or work ASIO4ALL!

I have a fender mustang amp, with the latest software (Fuse 2.7.1)

as far as audio drivers, I’m not sure, I’ll try check, but not sure much about that sort of thing or where to get updated drivers.

Looking around in cubase, my audio input and output driver is Generic Low Latency ASIO driver

I’m aware that the Fender mustang is a basic tool, (I mean it uses usb to interface with the PC)… I am not trying to record music for a commercial purpose here (just writing and composing for myself at this stage).

Could it be that my usb channels are over used and maxed out?

No. But make sure it’s connected to USB 2, not USB 3, please.

And try the Generic audio device, to reduce the issue.

my last ideas, are to try a different usb port (the current one is 2.0, but worth trying a different port).

or a full reinstall.

Thanks for the help so far.