Some UI issues on iPad

3 issues:

The Next Page button in Read mode is hard to reach: the iOS’ three dots button will most of the time steal the button press event.


Also, the top right menu is cropped at the border of the iPad display and thus difficult to reach.


Finally, after selecting a tool by clicking on it in the leftmost toolbar will steal the focus and make the keyboard arrows try to scroll the toolbar instead of moving the caret (the toolbar will scroll one or two pixels horizontally using left/right arrows). It does not seem to do that for every tool, but the edit mode tool seems to trigger it each time.

You should find that rotating your iPad to the opposite orientation and then back again allows the application menu at the right-hand end of the toolbar to appear properly; if not, let me know what model of iPad you’re using.

For Read view, you can simply tap on the right-hand side or left-hand side of the display to move to the next or previous page.

For fullscreen mode: the menu looks fine in landscape mode, but remains cropped in portrait mode, even if I alternate between modes. I use an iPad Air v5.

Using split screen (Dorico 2/3- other app 1/3, landscape), it is always cropped (see screen shot).


Great tip, thank you