Some VST is trying to connect to the internet when I load Cubase - any way to figure out which one?

At some point in the last week or so I started getting 10-15 browser windows that open up in sequence every time I load up Cubase (or any other app that uses VSTs). This is on my laptop and I assume it’s some VST trying to connect to a server somewhere because my laptop usually is not connected to the internet.

Is there any smart way to figure out which one is causing the behavior?

I can, of course, just brute force my way through disabling all of my VSTs one-by-one but that’ll take a lot of time. Hopefully there’s a smarter way to go about it.

Thanks in advance

Well, I suppose the websites it loads could be a hint.

Instead use the Half-Split method

Ah yes - forgot to mention, the website it keeps loading is the one you get when you connect to wifi at a hotel. I don’t get any indication of where it’s trying to go.

And when I am connected to wifi I don’t get any indication that anything is going on. I guess the VST just does its phone home without letting me know when it has a network connection.

It must be some kind of “check for updates” thing.


If you are not afraid of looking in a long list of network connections (there are always even locally connections) you can monitor the connection attempts with a Microsoft utility named TCPView

TCPView for Windows - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn

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