(Some) WAV files from old projects are inaudible

Hi everyone,

I’ll try to make it brief:

  1. I moved from Cubase 5 to Cubase 7 64bit on a new (tested) machine - 32GB ram, TC electronic Konnekt 48 audio interface, win7 pro.
  2. I successfully updated all drivers and software versions.

Every project (and I mean EVERY) that I made on Cubase 5 has a strange problem in ver 7. After the project is opened, some of the (random) wav files are inaudible. The waveform is graphically correct in arrangement window, I am able to preview those wav files in sample editor or import window, but they are causing cracks and strange audio spills from other channels in multitrack window (!). It’s not related to channel (or outputs) neither to plugins (the problem remain wherever I move the wav file). After I copy that wav from “Audio” folder created by Cubase to some other folder and then import it again, it’s ok - but it’s not related to images (peak files) also, I checked - meaning that I can import only raw wav file, not the “edited” one. The project(s) is stable for some time, and then it crashes.

I found that one user had almost identical problem, but with no solution.
First post - https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=182105

I tried to load projects with disabled preferences. No solution.
I tried to load projects in C5, C6, C7. No solution.
I tried to load projects with other audio interface. No solution.

I’m out of ideas.

Thank You


Even more strange:
after closing Project 1, and opening Project 2, in some channels I can hear not the displayed wav(s) but the “ghost” scattered audio fragments from Project 1.
Cubase then crashes…

Although it’s not funny to me… - maybe I should call the exorcist? :slight_smile: :frowning:

Have you tried opening any of these problem files in another audio editor?

If you mean opening project in another sequencer - no, because those are Cubase (.cpr) projects.

If you mean opening “original” wav files - yes, and they sound (and look) perfectly normal. I can play them in any mp3, wav or video player.

As I wrote in the first post, they are OK even in Cubase sample editor, or in preview window. They just go crazy (and crash Cubase) in arrangement window (but they still look graphically normal).
It just seems that new Cubase 7 doesn’t like randomly selected edited wav files (regardeless the channel track) in arrangement window (from ALL older projects).