Somebody Help me before I throw my PC through my Obs. Window

A track is selected (lit) in the project window.

Even though the track is selected, it acts as though it is NOT selected.

  • I click on E to open editor, nothing
  • I try copy and paste, nothing

I have to click on another track and then click back on the original track.
Then it works.

How the hell can a guy work this way???
Please someone deliver me from my misery!!

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Welcome to Cubase Pro 8, friend. I’m finding it’s capable of just about any bizarre behaviour if you run it long enough. I was getting all sorts of weird GUI behaviour like this; lost ability to copy & paste; lost ability to record; etc.
Seems most issues are plugins it doesn’t like. But that’s hardly an excuse. VST is a standard, and Steinberg doesn’t seem to be sticking to it.

BTW: if you do throw your PC off the balcony, please video it! [emoji12]

I’m loving the new VCA’s but it’s got a lot of funny stuff going on.
I have about 40 plugins running in my mixes, how the hell am I supposed to figure out which one is causing this??

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I don’t know. For me it was easy to find the big offender: Slate VCC, 'cos it would freeze the GUI whenever I adjusted parameters in the plugin. Also, on crashes, OS X would show VCC in the log.

Take a look around the forum, there do seem to be some particularly troublesome plugins from various vendors that fry C8

cool, thanks for the tip.