Someone please block the spammer

Ed? Help? :slight_smile:

Ye, come on, been week in week out with these. kinda discouraging to log in. like now…i’m logging off!!!

again, steinberg could communicate they are aware etc… or maybe they are not???

Funny, the lack of reaction by Steinberg on this…because if there’s a singe mention of certain things like those German cross symbols from the earlier 1900’s, any kind of non-legitimate Cubase copy, or a simple wise crack about ‘alternative’ sexual preferences, they’re on it like flies on a freshly squeezed turd right out of a horses bung hole :wink:

I just went and started responding to a bunch of the spams … that’ll fix it :laughing:

invasion of the spam!! :laughing:

its becoming a challenge to navigate through the forum without meeting spam. :confused:

The lounge is one of the safe havens on this forum. there’s spam everywhere!!

You guys are really sharp! At first I didn’t understand what this thread was about. So I reviewed some recent threads. And I must confess, I had a hard time distinguishing the subtle differences between the spam threads and some of the legitimate ones. :wink:

lol Prism :stuck_out_tongue:

Steinberg have deleted much of the spam the past week, there’s just new spam being posted.

I posted an info that over the last weekend no automatic account activation was possible. We also deleted many spam posts and accounts and we have other measures in place by now. So it should be better again.

Damn, this means I can’t spam the spammer anymore :mrgreen: