"Something About You"...song also posted in the "Lounge"

A real nice song, Steve! I like it.
I read the thread the other day, so im aware of the ideas people have already brought to the table regarding the mix and that you have some takes to redo and some fine teaking, so I wont repeat what some have already suggested.

Your Bandcamp song stats might show a lot of red, that could be me as I was listening to the start several times, I was wondering what it would sound like if you started the song from where the flutey sounds and vocals come in and without the drums (bring them in shortly after) …it was just a thought I had…and it is late :slight_smile:

Regardless of my silly idea, its a great song :slight_smile: something I would really enjoy mixing, so sit back and enjoy the tweaking! :wink:


Hi Steve,

I’ve had the pleasure (or should I say honour?..) of hearing a preview, and I really like the way this song evolves.
You got some great tips already in the other thread regarding the mix, so I don’t have to add much, but you must turn up the lead guitar. It’s way too soft now.

It’s a great song though, and I like the harmonies very much. :sunglasses:


Hi Steve

Congrats on your first music posting. I think this is very good. I would say that the bass could be louder and I’d like the vocal level up more. You don’t need to hide your voice. :wink: :slight_smile:

Hope to hear some more.


cool track, definite melodics hooks in there with the backing vocals. nice dressing with the keys. very cool guitar lead sound, ya might be able to come up some.

Good one. Nice voice and harmonies. Agree that it could be a little bassier, and you might want to make the snare a little snappier with some compression. Who are you singing about? Does your wife know?

Wow, a Zapaxe song. :astonished:

Well-composed pop tune Steve. It’s too long, though.
Go straight to the chorus at 3:18 and dump that third
verse section, it’s not needed. Repeat and fade, the
entire last 1.5 minutes does nothing.

The bass doesn’t work for me, and in the verses the tune
seems to not float, and the focus for me went on the drums
which just seemed to reinforce weight rather than drive
or support.


Very nice tune, I agree on the bass being too quiet.Overall it sounds like there’s something missing in the low/ lower mid frequency region but then again I’m listening on Sony headphones which are bright. Nice solo :wink:

Steve -

I don’t think I could add much about the song that you or someone else has already mentioned, except for saying, “Thanks for sharing” and “Congratulations for posting your first online song.” I’ve listened just once, but I did download it for future revisits. :wink:

Wait, maybe there IS something I can ask - Are you satisfied with the crass simbo? :mrgreen:

I really really like this tune. The arppegiated synth part I’d save until the second verse. Also, the bass needs to come up considerably.

Hmmm… seems maybe you edited the end down some – doesn’t overstay its welcome like it did previously

Steve – this song is quite good – really! Beautiful guitar solo – it wouldn’t have bothered me if it had gone on much longer… and I like the vocal too

yep …agree with earlier remarks , nice song with a nice hook.Like it . :smiley:

Would be nice to try a different more acoustic version a little bit more uptempo too…