Something boring about "add new track"

Hey, Cubase Nation!
I’m still suffering form this - we have an option “Add Audio Track”, “Add Instrument Track” and all other.
Why it’s named “Add Track” if it works as “Insert After”?
If I want to add track, I want it add to the end of whole track list. Right?
Now is the situation - if selected is 10th track from 20, then “Add Track” will INSERT trach after selected - it will be 11th from 21.

Every time I do “Add Instrument Track” I should move it to the end of list of tracks, because I never select last track before I add new track.
Please correct it.

Also if we use “+” sign at the top of list of tracks, we get the same result. Maybe in this window we can have an option - Insert - if it’s checked, new track will be added before/after selected, otherwise it should be added to the end of list as it means - add no insert.


You are right. It’s specified the way you described. So the new track is always added next to the currently selected track.

Martin, I know I am right :slight_smile:
Would you please agree that it would be nice to have an option in popup window or preferences, because if I agree there are many composers who are happy with current stupidity, they should agree that here are some/many who want to add track to the end of list, not in the middle somewhere after accidentally selected track.

So the new track is always added next to the currently selected track.

Who weighed it up as the best option and best workflow? Composers or programmers?

Do you feel it’s normal that “to add the track to the end of list you should select very last track”. I don’t believe we live in 21 century. It’s 1980ies.
It’s like “if you want to go home, you should first go to the cinema and watch movie”. I cannot describe it in other way.

I would not call it stupidity… and there is nothing to correct because, it’s not wrong…
it’s just like it is and it’s well documented, some people can adapt their workflow to the given situation some can not
I would not like the change…

on the other hand it could be helpful for some, but…
more preferences makes everything more complex without real need
so I would prefer the option in the popup window

Personally, I like it being added next to the focused track. And I rarely accidentally select tracks.

And why is this properly working and documented function boring?

If anything, I wish the same would apply to import midi and tracks from project to add overall consistency.

That’s the point! Please vote! :slight_smile:

Navigate - Bottom
Add Track - Instrument

Because I do move newly inserted track to the end of list almost every time in every project.
Before I started seriously working with Cubase, I was a designer and worked on many GUIs and always my preference was to make product as good as possible. It means if something goes to crossroads, it should go with an option in preferences, but not decision in favor of one.

And why not vice verse? Workaround - navigate - insert where you want?

Let’s talk about terms - “ADD” and “INSERT”. That was the main theme of this post. Now we have many “Add … Track” options in popup menu, but all they work as “Insert … Track”. Don’t you feel the difference?

As the word “insert” defines a different function (ie placing an effect in the signal path), this may confuse some.

I doubt that the current method bothers too many people, and hope that Steinberg are working on the top 10 (or 100?) requested fixes/changes.

Use a few minutes to create a macro and assign it to a keyboard shortcut.


That’s the beauty of Cubase!!