Something is sending pitchbend data every few minutes or seconds randomly

Hello, something is driving me insane, my midi receive pitchbend information randomly, and I can’t identify any pitchbend message on the midi monitor

The only thing I see sometimes is those outside prefetch messages. (this is during playback and I am not manipulating any midi device).

I can’t for the life of me figure out what it is

Do you have a MIDI keyboard or other MIDI controller that sends pitch bend connected?

I have a keylab essential controler that might be guilty, but no proof of any pitchbend data in midi monitor

And those weird outside prefetch messages should not be happening ?

Does it stop if you disconnect the Keylab Essential controller?

It happened to me long ago with a defective joystick on my Korg M1.
It was returning just slightly off from its center/neutral position.
From your data above, looks like you might have the same issue. (Center=64)

If I recall (15-20yrs ago?)… After I disassembled and cleaned the whole thing, the problem disappeared.

I don’t think so. Pitch bend is a 14 bit value where the center value (no pitch bend) is 8192. Besides, the screen shot shows Note On messages.

I know, but when looking at a midi monitor showing a byte-per-byte breakdown of the message, this 8192 shows as 64 on the MSB because 64 * 2^7 = 8192.
The midi monitor will not show 8192 as-is.

Still waiting for the OP to tell us whether it stops when the Keylab Essential controller is disconnected.

Right you are. I don’t know why I thought they were displayed as 14bit values.
Nevertheless, there are no Pitch Bend messages shown in the screenshot.

I admittedly did not analyze much in details, but the OP mentioned:

So I simply assumed the “Controller” messages shown in picture were pitchbend and it triggered memory of this old issue I had a while ago.

This was happening to me, and I couldn’t figure it out.

It turned out to be my M-Audio Oxwgyn 25. The pot on the modulation and the pitch bend were going wonky. I thought I would have to get a new one.

I disassembled the unit, removed both the modulation controller and the pitch bend controller (still wired up), and cleaned them with contact cleaner.

Been fine ever since.

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If it stops when the OP disconnects the controller, then yes, this is the most likely solution.

update : the issue has not been fixed yet
it appears that the issue stops when disconnecting the keyboard.

My keyboard is a fairly new arturia keylab essential. It doesn’t go directly to cubase, it first goes throught Bome Midi Translator. I even set up a midi filter in bome midi translator to block every incoming pitch bend message, and despite that, cubase still receive random pitch bend event…

troubleshooting this is getting hard. It happen even if I don’t touch the keyboard, just by working on the daw with my mouse only

It happened to me recently : all these pitchbend messages, when recorded, was coming from MIDI Port 1 which is connected to my VMK-188+ keyboard with three pedals on it.

It was one of my two old Yamaha pedals, set to send CC1 modulation messages that was actually sending these crazy pitchbend ones. Few action on it and it stopped doing so : problem solved on my end.

Lesson taken : such erratical messages can come from anywhere, MIDI related.

Is it time to have the keyboard repaired?

But your screenshot of the Bome event log shows that it is passing through the Pitch Bend messages.

Not sure if it would be of help, but I think that the Essential MK3 as the Keylab MK2 is sending pitchbend when moving faders to the dedicated daw port. Thus, if you have this port available to “All MIDI” you’ll receive pitchbend whenever a fader is moved.
If the pitchbend is not coming from this port, I think you should consider a fix to the probably faulty pitch bend.