Something like Audition Path?


I am working in a 5.1 environment, control room is activated.
When previewing an offline effect it is always played back on all 6 channels of my 5.1-setup!

Where can I set up, that for example the processing on a mono-clip is just previewed on the center speaker, or a stereo-event is played back on left/right? It is so unhandy that I always have to mute all the channels I do not want to hear manually on monitor controller every time when I process a plugin. Any ideas how to set up something like this?


BTW: When pre-listening an audioclip (with listen-tool) it is always played back on Left/Right… It would be great if routing/panning could be considered here, but I guess this has been asked for many times already…

Can anybody help?

Is there someone who also works with a 5.1-control room? How do you preview effects? Same disaster?


I’m not using 5.1 monitoring. But…

What about to set your main 5.1 output In the Output tab of the VST Connections, and set different physical output for pre-listen, as Monitor 1 in the Studio tab. What about this settings?

If I’m right, you can’t use your center for your Monitor output and also for your main output. In this case, I’m afraid, your signal, which is routed to the center, you will here twice.