Something major happened - recorded midi/audio no longer plays back!

I dont know what happened, but the project I’ve been working on for the last few months has stopped playing back. All my recorded midi & audio tracks are no longer making sound. Whats really weird is if I record enable a midi or instrument track in the project and play my midi keyboard they still make noise, I can see the meters move and I can hear it through my monitors, but if I then record a part and play it back, I get no sound at all. No meters moving, dont hear anything.

Tried going back to a previous save of the project and its behaving the same way! No clue what has happened. Been working on this project for months and never had a problem until today.

Of course I tried shutting down my computer and restarting but its still not playing anything I recorded back. Tried starting on a new default project, added a single retrologue and it works fine, so I’m at a loss as to what to do next I really hope I didn’t loose my song somehow?! Freaking out!!

edit: last thing I did was create some cue mixes so perhaps I did something wrong there? They were working fine though yesterday. And I would think if I did something wrong with the routing, the track meters would still show audio and I just wouldn’t hear it, not be able to hear it when recording but not during playback.

Update: Weird discovery. If I restart and open an older project it plays back correctly. If I then open this “bad” project, of course it doens’t work and nothing plays back. But here is where it gets odd - if I then open the previous project that use to work, it now has the same behavior as I described above and if I restart, its still not playing back! never seen anything like this and now I’m scare to open anymore backups as I’ve lost two to this weird issue now!

I would recommend contacting support in this case, but here’s some things you can try to find possible clues:

-Open the Automation Panel (F6) and click “Show Used”.
-Click “Edit Channel Settings” on the affected channels. Anything out of place here? Click “Show Output Chain”.
-Press F4, disable the Control Room and use the regular stereo outputs instead.