Something needs be done about how the relationship between the channel inspector and lowerzone inspector alternate GUI

This relationship of sharing the same GUI space is feeling a bit mouse clicky and clunky for me when I have a lot of editing that I want to do fast.

Put this in the context of needing to do an assortment of tasks to multiple events on multiple channels/tracks. These tasks include using VariAudio in the editor, using Spectralayers via ARA2, manual slice editing in the project window, all during which maybe or maybe not some channel fader volume balancing or insert plugin using/tweaking… Doing all these things sometimes in repeated successive manor, sometimes going back and forth to an from each process randomly depending on what is needed… and doing this with hundreds if not thousands of separate events.

I’m not sure exactly how this can be fixed, I have a few ideas formulating.

Potential fix 1:
Put the Editor inspector in the lowerzone Editor window itself.

Potential/and or Fix 2:
Go ‘More Cubase’, and give us more separated windows for each of these panels that we can save to custom workspaces, ie, Editor inspector as a separate window, and maybe even individual elements of the audio Editor inspector like VariAudio controls could be its own separate Window so it’s always available.

This is how it should be. It really makes a lot of logical Sense now.

It bugs me too. A rethought Inspector could solve the problem as in Studio One or Logic.Or as you suggested Lower Zone Inspector would be great.

It makes sense because, well, if you open up the Editor window, this is how it looks. So it would be more consistent in the Editor Inspector was with the Lower Zone Editor… not occluding the project window track inspector.

The easiest solution would be to not default to Inspector>Track when selecting events. Let it stay at the tab we’ve chosen.

I think I get what you’re talking about…?