Something scary happened yesterday...

Hi all,

I installed the 6.0.4 patch last evening and, as all seemed well, I indulged myself at playing a little. firstly with Mr Ray and then, after few minutes, I started to use Alchemy. All was well during several more minutes until suddenly a horrible noise (similar to the supply hum, but with added harmonics on it) occured. So :

  1. As a first reflex, I tried to mute Alchemy Instrument track : failure…
  2. Lowering either the track or the main output fader failed as well…
  3. I quickly went to the device setup to reset the ASIO driver. Succeed, but at an expense : Cubase freezed immediatly and I wasn’t even able to access the task manager.
  4. I closed my Windows session and restarted it, expecting the worse about the project that I was using. Actually, all went well again and Cubase acted with the same project as if nothing ever happened.

Thankfully, I always use a limiter as an insert on the main stereo output at the tracking stage, this to save, at least, my ears. It actually already happened in the past (with other Cubase versions) but very seldom : I remember it happening only once since I have this W7 based system (it’s been 10 months already), but a reset of the ASIO driver solved it immediatly. Not this time…

I must admit that the project is quite loaded, with several VSTis such as Emulator X3, Ibory II, TruePianos, Alchemy, Sylenth 1, Jamstix, VB3, Mr Ray… with few audio tracks connected to all my possibly usable audio inputs (direct and ADAT). This, as a genetal sketch frame with all the instruments at my immediate disposal.

So, the question is : does something similar already happened to some of you, from where could it comes, and how did you solve (definitely, if possible) the issue ?


Not had anything like that happen for a very long time, but a definite life (well ear) saver is a volume knob, a real one that you can reach out and turn down in a few milliseconds.

Something like this> is cheap and highly effective.

Thanks, Split

Seems like a very useful tool, at least for emergency purpose such as this one. I am considering it, even if you can’t hook headphones on it.

The main problem is that, when such issue occurs, Cubase seems to go completely out of control : nothing seems to work anymore : mute buttons, faders, and so on… So, I am wondering what is happening at the exact moment when the noise suddenly appears, as if you were triggering an organ key…

I carefully checked my routing setup, even if I know that Cubase is conceived to prevent feedbacks. The only thing I found is that I have an audio track input connected to a dummy bus output to record TruePianos in an audio format directly. Not enough to explain what happened, as it was Alchemy that I was playing.

I remember that I was only playing my keyboard ; I did nothing, Cubase related, for several minutes before the issue arose. So the question, actually : is it audio engine or driver related, or a dreadful combination of the two ?


to me, that sounds like a driver / system issue.
I never have these kind of problems.


Hi, cubic13.
It looks like a driver’s fault. I’ve been using Audiophile 2496 for several years and used to have “hangs on exit” and things alike happened to you. But in April I bought RME Fireface UC and since that time Cubase works like a charm, no crashes or freezes at all.

Hmmmm… Maybe it’s driver related, but what I don"t get is why does it occurs so seldom ? I use this project or an equivalent nearly each time I start a new piece.

If this is driver related, there are two solutions :

  1. to pinpoint where does it come from : doing so with an issue that appears nearly every six months isn’t exactly easy. That’s the reason of this thread : to be put on the right track. What bugs me is that Cubase crashed at the driver reset, this time : this is new and makes me want to solve the problem.

  2. to consider another audio interface only for this : would like to avoid it, firstly because my present one does its job flawlessly beside this ; I’m really used to it and its ‘Patchmix’ software. More : finding a PCIe interface with 2 MIDI inputs sockets and all the features that the EMu has is nearly an impossible task these days. I’ll take RME as an example : they obviously don’t know what a Hi-Z input is, or it’s a feature probably not ‘professional’ enough in their views. Problem is that I negularly use at least one of them, would it only be with my bass guitar.

Did You saw RME Firewire/USB professional interfaces? They all have at least one Hi-Z input, and great drivers, superb routing mixers with analysis tools plus best AD DA.

  • Fireface UFX has 2 x MIDI I/O as well…

Look around before writing such a opinions!
P.S.: I am not from RME crue! They are simply doing good job!

OK, I don’t want to start a controversy, here : audio interfaces are not the subject…

But, indeed, you’re right : I didn’t know that the Firewire UFX had Hi-Z inputs and 2 MIDI I/O, as this unit is only one year old, it seems (according to Thomann site) and let’s see the price : 1900 €, which is nearly 5 times E-Mu 1616m one.

I never denied that RME is making a great job but, at these price levels, it is rather expected, don’t you think ? OK, you have what you pay for, but still… I’m not able to afford it. Another problem is that, as I said before, I would rather look for a PCIe interface and at a reasonable price, if I had to.

End of controversy, I hope, and back to the thread subject. Thanks for chiming in…

Well, let’s get back to the subject. Why do you use C6 32? If your project is full of VSTi’s, Cubase will not have enough RAM.

I have thought about that but, after checking, C6 with the whole project idle (I mean, without anything recorded) comes up to 1.7 Gb used, according to Windows task manager. It would have been too much with XP, but AFAIK, it’s alright with W7-64, even with Cubase in its 32 bits flavor. I believe that if there was a memory limitation, the problem would occur much more frequently.

The reason why I use the 32 bits version of Cubase is that I still have 32 bits VSTis that I don’t want to drop. And I’m still cautious about any bridge solution. So, I’m kinda stuck here : I still didn’t find a replacement for my beloved GSi Mr Ray, as an example…

Could anybody help. Have recently got new computer Windows 7 64 bit. Intel i7 CPU 960 3.20GHz 3.19 RAM 12.0 gb

I upgraded to Cubase 6 too.

My Delta sound card would not fit in new machine - which worked great in the old machine - as it was not PCI-ex so I had to buy a new EMU 0404. It works on Cubase 5 but never works on Cubase 6 in the new machine - just don’t get any sound out to the amp though I have been around and around clicking the right settings - I think.

Can somebody recommended an audio interface that they know for a fact will work with a new 64 bit computer running Windows 7> The Tascam 122Mii seems to be well reviewed - if I got that would all the problems be over?

I’m not interested in anything much passed £200 as I really only just recording one voice or instrument at a time and really don’t need 8 or 16 inputs etc. I imagine the Steinberg stuff is best but it’s out of my range.

Other than does the EMU work for others with Cubase 6 and my kind of machine?


if the problem occurs once in a 100 years, so just don’t bother with it.