Something strange happened to my track BPM - Help!

Hi, can somebody work out what is wrong with my production please? Half of my new track has somehow been altered and I cant get it back to normal :angry:

It was all at 128bpm but i think i may have clicked on a timestretch tool or something as now the first half of the track does not line up with the ruler at the top (see attachment)… they are all now slightly larger than the ruler. I’ve checked much earlier versions of the file and the midi tracks line up just fine!

I remember glancing down at the BPM at one point and it said something like 128.76 and so i corrected it and now the first half of my track is on the piss.

Is there a way to reset the BPM throughout?

Many thanks in advance

Maybe there is a .bak file saved that doesn’t have the BPM change?

Regards :sunglasses: