Sometimes I need to click twice to select system track

Has anybody experienced this? I dont’ know why, sometimes I need to click twice to select system track…
It happens, for example, just after showing the system track. It you put the mouse over it does not change its color (to darker gray), and the first click makes it dark gray but does not select it. The second click selects it. After that, then becomes dark grey if you put the mouse over.
It happens also in other situations, but for them moment I can’t reproduce them…

I also have experienced the same.

Moreover, I need to click twice or more to select or activate the followings:

  • items on the right panel.
  • most tool: clef tool, dynamic tool etc (using popover is better)
  • items on tools: dynamic symbol, 8va, trill, short trill etc (almost everything)
  • items on the bottom panel
    e.g.: placement activating button etc

The buttons (toggle and switch) in Dorico 3.x are generally not selected/activated by one click.
The GUI response of Dorico 3.1 is better than the GUI response of Dorico 3, but it is not stable as in Dorico 2.x.

I too was quite surprised to find that I had to click twice on toggles of the bottom panel to make them work… I suppose I do not use the other panels often enough to have noticed anything there. I hope this will be fixed at some point, this behavior did not exist prior to Dorico 3.

I’m not aware of any problems with needing to click items in any of the panels twice to activate them, and nor is it being widely reported. We’ll need more details if you want us to investigate this.

I can attach a video. Could it help you to investigate this problem?

Ok Daniel. I supposed that it was a well-known problem, but now I’ll try to make sure I find a pattern. The behaviour I have noticed is that I sometimes have to click twice on a toggle in the properties panel for the toggle to be switched. And it is quite often the case. The first times it happened, I thought I had clicked missing the spot. But no, sometimes, it acts as though the first click is simply ignored. I know this does not help you (you need the reproductible pattern), but it might ring a bell to other users who might read this.

I have also noticed something similar as Marc pointed out.
I think it is related to the toggle button’s hitbox, as can be seen in the attached GIF. The pointer seems to show in a larger area than the actual toggle’s area.


As a ‘+1’, I have experienced this quite often too.

Concerning toggle button, I agree with you! It is a very good observation!

We’ll look into whether we can enlarge the click area for the slide switch.