Sometimes Kontakt does not load any instruments when opening Dorico project

Sometimes Kontakt fails to load instruments when opening a Dorico project.

This happens after Dorico has crashed, but also after I have closed Dorico without errors.

Fortunately, I was able to load all the instruments because I had saved the multi, but this is not expected behaviour.

Hopefully the cause can be found in the following diagnostic files:
Dorico (2.4 MB)

Hi @prko ,
unfortunately from the diagnostics I do not see why Kontakt does not load sounds.
Can you quite easily reproduce that behaviour? If so, then it could be worth having a remote screen sharing session (via e.g. Zoom). What do you think?

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Hi there!

I reported this because I had experienced this problem two or three times.
After reading your reply, I have not experienced this problem.
It is strange.
I do not know how to reproduce it at the moment.
Sorry and thanks for your suggestion.

I will investigate further and request remote access via Zoom if I can easily reproduce this problem.