Sometimes midi key editor will group multiple tracks

Sometimes my midi key editor will have multiple midi windows overlaid as if group editing…

For instance i’ll click on a midi track to edit then click on another track to edit, then all of the sudden they’re all grouped together in one midi key editor instance.

in the dey editor at the top where is has the current edited part, instead of just that single part that i’ve selected, it’ll have all the parts. I know this has to do somehow with them being in a folder or group folder, but surely theres a way to edit and see just that single part im editing.

While i understand how this is convenient when necessary, but why does this keep happening and how do i undo it?

thank you so much!

If they are in a folder open the folder and click on that individual part and you should be good. Cubase shows all midi in the folder if you click the folder part directly. Also if you have more than one part highlighted on the project page it will show the midi in all highlighted parts once you click any one of them whether they are in a folder or not. Hope this helps.

In prefs, Check the setting Editing>Link Editors. What you describe (if I understand you correctly) would happen when that option is un-checked.