Sometimes playback randomly starts way too loud

I remember there was already a topic about this years ago but I couldn’t find it, I’m sorry for that.

Right now I’m getting completely crazy from the fact that randomly, the playback of some or all of the instruments (NotePerformer) starts way louder than it should be. This happens in all files. After navigating around through some notes, this is sometimes fixed for a few minutes and then it randomly starts again. The only workaround I know of is to input all notes forte and only add dynamics last. I could send an example file to a Dorico developer if this is not a known problem (or record a video). I always work in files that come originally from Sibelius in an XML import, if that matters.

Thank you in advance if you could look into this.

If you’re able to produce a minimal case that reliably reproduces the issue, we’ll gladly look into it.