Sometimes sound, sometimes not.

Sometimes I have no sound in Cubase and need to restart it a few times to get sound again. My audio settings in windows are correctly set to main out. Can I do something inside Cubase to reload sound?

Most likely your sound ASIO driver

Set ASIO driver to No Driver, and then back to your Audio Device (ASIO Driver). What Audio Device do you use?

Btw, make sure, your Audio Device is connected and switched On, before you start Cubase.

I think you need to clarify when you have no sound…is it dropping out while Cubase is running or is it when you first start Cubase?

It is at startup. if sound is present at startup, no problems during the session, so it is on startup that it is not loading…

yes of course. thanks I will try that next time. I use Presonus studio 192, and the problem began after updating the audio interface driver.

Is there any other advantage to the updated presonus driver…if nothing critical you could always roll back to the previous version and see if it fixes it.

I just downgraded to a previous version, so I will see, how it goes.