Sometimes split system and sometimes not with coda insert: why?

when I insert in write mode a coda (reepat sections) it divide the system in two (as I want)

But sometimes not! why?

As always, we need to see the actual document, to work out what’s going on.

Are those examples from the same file? Or different files? If the same file and one has a gap and the other doesn’t, the gap was likely eliminated manually with the Note Spacing Tool. If different files, the setting to control this is in Engraving Options here:

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Actually, you can’t override this in a negative sense (ie- auto gap of 6 dragged left to make 0). I have had a few rare instances where I have needed the gap one place but not another and you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t:
• keep a gap value and you can’t shrink it manually below that
• set the engraving option so that the gap is ‘0’ and then you can’t go manually and create a gap with the note spacing either, since the musical break is suppressed.

So then, you set a tiny gap value (just enough to cause Dorico to add a spacing handle), and then hope that no one notices that something is a tiny bit janky in that one spot where you don’t want a gap, and make the other gaps bigger manually.

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Wouah! Thanks to you
yes it was two different files and with gap adjusment and explanation on Romanos are great to keep in mind
Best regards

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You can eliminate a mid-system gap with the Note Spacing Tool. I think you’re stuck with the gap at the beginning of a system though. With a gap setting of 6 spaces, I can eliminate the gap before the first Coda below, can’t move the gap before the 2nd Coda at the beginning of the system, and the 3rd Coda is unedited.

Another oddity: Once the mid-system gap is eliminated, the handle vanishes so there’s no way to use Reset Appearance or Reset Position to get it back. It seems like there should be a way to edit that at a later point other than using Ctrl+Z.

Whoops. I think you’re right. I’ve run into this scenario as well.

I don’t need an indent at a system break, but I do mid-system.

So it was when I set it down to zero to get the gap at the start of the system to go away, that it messed up my mid-system breaks, that I then couldn’t adjust unless I made the value something more than zero, which in turn slightly re-indented the start of the coda system.

It seems like it might be a good feature request to have separate settings for mid-system gaps, and gaps at the beginning of systems to avoid this issue. In educational handouts I end up using Codas all the time to avoid cautionary clefs and key sigs (otherwise I end up with a zillion flows), so I often have the gap set at 0, but of course then I can’t adjust any mid-system breaks as you pointed out.

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Agree 100%.

In educational handouts I end up using Codas all the time to avoid cautionary clefs and key sigs (otherwise I end up with a zillion flows

me too! +1

Since this seems to be the actual issue at least in this case, why not solve it from that end, instead of putting band-aids on the workaround with codas?


This functionality has been requested a bajillion times, but so far there’s no way to do that. You either have to start a new Flow, or hide the cautionaries with the Coda workaround. The Coda workaround is faster, and there’s also evidence that files containing dozens of Flows are slower, so I just use the Coda workaround. There’s no other way to suppress cautionary clefs or key sigs unfortunately.


No no, don’t misunderstand, that remark was directed towards the dev team, I completely understand that there is no native solution for cautionaries, and of course there should be! :relaxed: