Sometimes when I open Cubase no sound for no apparent reason

Thx for looking…

Sometimes when I open Cubase there is no sound. I can’t see why. if i reboot the computer it usually fixes it.

Soundcard asio is selected. Outputs are correct ?? duno

It’s been happening for ages. Just thought I’d see if anyone had an idea whats going on.


Thing is too (I should mention) is that I can’t really test any advice you give me because it only happens once every blue moon :slight_smile:)

So just waiting really for the issue to strike really :slight_smile:


Sound more like an OS issue than a Cubase one.

Aloha guys,

Just to to chime in on this topic.

It’s been happening for ages

Been happening here as well; for many years.

In the past I used my 'puter for many tasks including
DAW work.
So I thought this behavior probably caused this prob.

But since 1997 Cubase is the only programme installed/used
and the prob still persists.

No biggie tho. As was posted, a restart solves it.

HTH (hope this helps)