Somewhat Soul-killing Screeching from Mic when Opening Project in DAW with Yamaha ASIO


Whenever I open a file in FL Studio 20 (sorry Cubase) with the Yamaha Steinberg ASIO for my UR22mkII, this horrible screeching occurs (can’t link the video bc i’m new but it’s on youtube, v=_yTJXdvqh60).

A few things about it:

  • This only happens with the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO, does not seem to happen on the native FL ASIO (so i don’t think it’s an fl problem)
  • The noise comes out of the mic input, so other software picks it up
  • The longer the file takes to load, the longer the noise lasts once loaded
  • If noise is already coming through the mic, it’ll loop a small section of it and make that buzzing (?) noise like when a computer crashes
  • I tracked it in audacity and the waveform is funky lookin:
    screech c

I’ve kinda been dealing with this for years now, either by turning my sound down, making sure to mute my input track when saving my projects, or just by bracing myself, but recent have decided that I’m not particularly interested in chronic tinnitus. I’ve searched but not found anyone with the same issue, and so alas, here I am.

If there is a fix I’d love to know about it, because I’m much too broke to even be thinking about getting a new interface.


Cant make the youtube link work, cant find your recording?

You mean the noise comes FROM the mic input I guess? So I am thinking maybe FL has monitoring switched on and the sound is feedback, or some other FL quirk in how it loads projects? Don’t konow, would like to hear the sound:)

The link should be youtube[dot]com/watch?v=_yTJXdvqh60

Well, now I have heard it, no idea what is going on, sorry.