Sonalksis FreeG Stereo crashes Cubase

Hi guys!

A bit of an urgent matter since I’m in the middle of a project and I need this plugin because I do all mute/volume automation with it.

Everything worked fine until today. Never crashed until now. As soon as I click to load the plugin, Cubase crashes. But what’s strange is that the mono version of the plugin works fine.

I’m providing a log file as well.
Cubase 11_2021-12-12-030649_Filips-MacBook-Pro.crash (182.0 KB)

Anyone with a tip???



The crash is completely on the plug-in side. Please, get in contact with the plug-in vendor.

Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue:
0   com.sonalksis.freeg           	0x0000000227de77da Plug::BuildCoeffs() + 202
1   com.sonalksis.freeg           	0x0000000227de8cb6 Plug::Plug(long long (*)(AEffect*, int, int, long long, void*, float)) + 502
2   com.sonalksis.freeg           	0x0000000227df4c88 VSTPluginMain + 88

Sonalksis disbanded a long long time ago. Defo wouldn’t use their plugins.

I will write to them but as Manike said, I don’t think they provide support for their free plugins. What I find really strange is that literally a DAY before this happened I was using it in a project and everything worked without problems. I didn’t update anything in the mean time. Plus, as I said, the mono version of the plugin still works fine. Can Steinberg please come up with a simple gain plugin already???


What is difficult on the Gain in the Channel Strip?

Or you can use VCA Channel.

It’s easier to do the volume automation on a track with a gain plugin so that the channel fader is ‘free’ for volume adjusting while mixing. That is all. I know a lot of people that prefer to do automation this way.

Plus, when you do channel mute button automation, it screws up whatever I export. I also can’t ‘mute’ it again while the automation is unmuting it unless I turn off read automation. Very time-consuming and unnecessary.

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I use mixconvert V6 - it’s a Steinberg vst in the surround folder or other folder. Can’t remember which.

Hi,you can use this Hofa freebie.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try!

Look for HOFA 4U Meter, Fader & MS-Pan that is the guy!!

Hey guys! Sonalksis support got back to me with this:

"Very occasionally our plugins can experience crashes like this if the plugin preferences files have become corrupt. Please delete all the files ending in .sonkpref from the following folder and then restart your host:

on Mac:
[home folder]/Library/Application Support/Sonalksis (If you can’t see the Library Folder in your home folder from the Finder, press the alt key while selecting the ‘Go’ menu option in the Finder.)

on Windows:

These files just contains UI preferences and are safe to delete. When you run the plugins next time the files will be recreated and you can (re)set your UI preferences in the plugins."

And it worked!!! ::

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