Sonar crossover user, bluetooth headset with no sound

Hi everyone!

Download went well, Focusrite interface appears in Studio set up fine, and was using LG HBS-820S (edit) bluetooth headset with success. I noticed it mattered if the headset was introduced to the laptop before opening up Cubase for the sound to work. Then one time after opening Cubase I could not get the headset sound to work. The mic on the head set is producing a bump on the meters and the instruments in the DAW also bumping the meters, but no sound in the headset earbuds! Headset working fine in Cubase tutorial. Fiddled with Studio Set up every way I could think of, searched the Forum, looked at the manual, no luck.

Sorry about having very limited computer skills and not knowing how to attach screen shots I saved in OneDrive of studio set ups. Any ideas?

Thanks a million, can’t wait to get going!! :slight_smile:



I have a feeling, there is an issue with BT headset in Cubase and Dorico. I have a feeling it was discussed in the Dorico forum.

Yes I saw the discussion and have resolved to use Senneiser mixing cans through a Focusrite 6i6 interface, thanks for the direction!