Hi - I’m a fairly recent convert from SONAR Platinum to Cubase 10 Pro. I love the stability of Cubase with my UA Apollo interface and all of the audio abilities, but I’m having little difficulty adjusting to editing MIDI in Cubase My question is - is there anyone who has SONAR experience who can throw us some tips on how to achieve the same MIDI functions in Cubase?

One of the things about SONAR MIDI editing that was particularly powerful was the MIDI Find/Change (aka “Interpolate” in older versions) function allowed me to quickly filter on any MIDI events and change them. For example, if I wanted to limit a part that has velocities ranging from 1 to 127, I could select that range in the “Find” window and then enter something like a velocity range of 80 to 100 in the “Change” or “Replace” window. This is a very simple example of functionality, but it was a very flexible and efficient way to handle specific MIDI editing.

Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks!

Not qualified to comment related to Sonar.

But from your example I’d recommend you check out the regular (midi) Logical Editor and the Project Logical Editor. You can create Presets and run them by assigning Key Commands or even execute a sequence of LE presets using Macros.

Hey raino, thanks for the tip! I’ll look into the Logical Editor.

Raino was absolutely right. The Logical Editor allows me to do the same types of MIDI filtering/edits as I did when using the MIDI Find/Change (aka “Interpolate” in older versions) of Cakewalk/SONAR. For users like me who have migrated over from Cakewalk/SONAR to Cubase, take a little time to learn the Logical Editor, it’s not as immediately intuitive as MIDI Find/Change but once you get the concept, it’s pretty powerful and will save time. Thanks again to Raino!

For completeness the Input Transformer should also be mentioned. It is similar to the other 2 but works on incoming midi data. It is also capable of executing multiple presets in sequence. With LE & PLE you need a Macro to execute a series of Presets.

Being a Sonar expat, I found the Input Transformer of most use. Another subtle issue is some of the midi track settings, delay most notably, get baked into the Sonar midi-export, so you should set all of those to zero before export.