Sonarworks Headphone Calibration How to Use in Cubase

I have the plugin Sonarworks Reference 3 Headphone Calibration - it is supposed to alter the frequency response curves so mixing in headphones is more accurate.

I am not sure how to setup to use this plugin best in Cubase. I added as an Insert to Stereo Out, but it actually raised the output by a few db (and although this can be adjusted in the plugin, its all manual and not accurate).

Is there a way to add as an insert but keep it seperate from the main out, but still allow me to use it easily for mixing ?

yes, put it in the control room inserts.

Ahaa, I was hoping you wouldn’t say that :slight_smile:

I studied but not reallllly sure … am I doing the right thing?

I went to Devices - VST Connections - Studio – Add Channel – Add Headphone – Device Port that is “Not Connected” chnaged to my soundcard Main Outs –

Then I went to the Control Room and found there was a “Phones”, and there I could add an insert for my “headphones calibration” plugin.

playback sounded ok, and if I adjusted the green circle phones level the sound came down fine, but the Stereo Out level remained as before (as I would expect).

In the VST Connections Outputs tab I see my Stereo Out now shows “Not Connected” …

Did I do right?

I actually changed things a bit. In VST Connections, Outputs tab, I kept the Stereo Out connected to to soundcard Main Outs, thenon the Studio tab I changed output to be the soundcard’s Phones Out. This means the Stereo Out comes out all as normal (and I can record it on a Cubase audio track if I wish to, without beig affected by anything in the Headphone channel). The headphones now receive the exact same sound + whatever insert effects I add to it (ie, the Sonarworks Headphone Calibration).

I THINK I did it the right way … did I?

sounds correct!