Sonarworks leads to corrupt timing offset of exportet audio

Hi guys,

I have experienced, that the Sonarworks Reference 4 plugin leads to a corrupt / false timing offset of the exportet audio file.
Can somebody else confirm this?

See the attachment, the red audio file was bounced with the plugin on the master (bypassed!), the grey file was bounced without.
The red audio is way to early and not in time / bpm. As a result, the very beginning of the exportet audio file is cut.

That’s very annoying…

Just to be sure…
You do use it in the CR outputs and not in the main out.
If you have it in the main out you must disable it before exporting as otherwise the exported file will be altered (and propably delayed).
I’m sure you know this but as you give no deeper info above about how you are using it so I must ask this.

Bye / Tumppi

No, but then I use this within the Control Room speakers plugin setup. Multiple inserts actually, works very well and in way interferes with bounces etc because these are inserted across the monitor path, not busses or tracks. My setup for Control Room:
speaker set 1: Genelecs with Reference profile routed to spdif as main outs
speaker set 2: SE Munro Eggs with profile routed to spdif as main outs
headphones: AKG 702 profile routed to analogue 1/2, then to Phonitor & cans

Sorry, don’t quite understand.
You have inserted Sonarworks in the inserts of the CR?
If so it is correct.
In the output tab your main outs are"not connected".
This way exported (what ever way you do it) files are not affected with the sonarworks.
If they are affected there is something very odd things happening somewhere…

Bye / Tumppi

Hey guys,

thanks for your replies!
I used it as the last insert on the main out and always bypassed it before exporting audio.

I don’t use the CR… so I’ll have a look.