Sonarworks Reference 4 in Wavelab

Hi, I can’t get this plug in to appear in WL Pro 10, and WL’s audio output doesn’t seem to be using the System-wide App (as in the level meters in SonRef System-wide don’t light up despite WL outputting to the main outs used by SysW). I’d like to be able to either use the plug in in the playback slots in WL master channel or ensure SR System-wide is functioning. Can anybody help?
Many thanks

Working fine here in the playback section. Make sure you have the x64 VST Plugin installed to a directory where WL is scanning for VST plugins.


I don’t use Sonarworks so I’m not familiar with configuring the Systemwide configuration but you should also check that you have enabled Sonarworks to be available in the Playback Processing slots. By default, only a few plugins are visible here but you can change this in the Preferences. See attached.

Ah thanks Folks - moved the dll and hey presto.
Not sure why WL was refusing to load it as I had instructed it to look in the directory it was in but all sorted now