Sonarworks Reference 4 when using Control Room

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I recently started using Sonarworks Reference 4 on my mixes and used to put it on my 2 bus/main stereo outs. Then I would mix with it, disable it before mixdown, and everything worked as planned. I’ve recently started using the Cubase Pro Control Room and am loving it. My question is whether or not you still need to disable the plugin before mixdown when using it as an insert in control room since it’s not actually sitting on the Stereo Out, which is what I’m bouncing at the end of a session.

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No, you do not have to disable it if it’s inserted in the CR. The CR is not in the mixdown signal path. Cheers…

No, this is one of the very useful aspect of Control Room. No need to disable any plugins on its channels when bouncing down.

Excellent! Exactly what I was hoping to hear! Thank you!


When i shift my stereo out plugins and sonarworks over to the control room inserts I cannot tell if sonarworks is working or not as it sounds the same disabled as engaged.
when i was on the stereo out bus the sound went down and noticed a quality difference when working and once disengaged the sound went up again.
I also noticed there are lots of pre channels and only a couple of post channels in the Control room inserts .
I also put headphones in the audio connections list , Line 3 and 4 from my Focusrite 6i6, but no difference.
When all was on stereo out bus it was all coming through Monitor 1 i presume, even headphones
I am a little lost here. I thought everything should be post before mixdown. How do you make more post inserts in Control room.
Any help please would be appreciated.

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Make sure you don’t have your regular stereo LR enabled in outputs when using control room.


The normal stereo out is not connected in the Audion connections tabs
I am confused because i put the sonarworks ref in the inserts where it says monitors and the sound is like it has sonarworks already engaged.
If i flick between on and off in Sonarworks it is the same sound level.
I even tried to put Line 3 and 4 which is the outs to headphones from the focusrite box.
Switch Sonarworks on and off and nothing changes, same sound.
I do not know if it is working properly or not.
My other question is – Is sonarworks automatically switched on inside control room so it does not matter if you switched it on or off???

All i have is the ins correct and outs not sure in control room now, for the purpose of bouncing down without worrying that you have disengaged Sonarworks. Still learning .
All is ok when using stereo out bus and just control room using cue1 ,cue sends and ,No bus for the reference track to compare mine with a pro song.
Do you only put sonarworks over into control room on it’s own or do you put Ozone 9, Tonal balance etc in control room as well.
I just want someone to give me a very simple setup , so i can get the hang of what to do.

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Ps It must be something staring at me, but at the moment i am stumped :smiley:


You put everything into the control room that you donˋt want in the signal path of the mix, but only int the output monitoring path

I get that now ,but what about sonarworks working or not.
As i said ,i can hear the difference on the stereo outs bus, but in control room , everything sounds the same.
I would really like to hear the difference when sonarworks is switched on and off in control room. to know if all is good.
As you know if you mix to stereo out bus all is fine until you disengage sonarworks .
The sound goes way up ,The only thing to get what you hopefully is to reduce the gain when disengaged to bring the mix to the level you perceived originally before mastering in Ozone 9…
Now people are saying there is no more of that when you put Sonarworks into control room.
Where do i put Sonarworks in control room for it to work properly —In the Inserts of the Monitor or in the headphone section .with blue button engaged.
I have tried both and no matter about switching Sonarworks on and off, the sound stays the same.
I am confused with all of this and need a walk through somehow, If someone is prepared to help me.

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Well , I have figured it out now.
I use AKG 702’s and I notice a subtle changes for my hearing .
I see that you put Sonarworks in the monitor insert,
I thought it went in the headphone insert for headphones. A bit confused there.
At least i know my monitors will also work on that insert. If i make the sonarworks go blank on the insert the sound will jump higher and when egaged the sound goes down. When switching in and out it is only subtle differences.Not a great deal.
I notice now after a test mixdown it is a little louder but same lufs or it may be me i guess.
Has antyone got anything constructive to say as i have a ducks back!! LOL :smiley: :laughing:

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In the Pre inserts at the top of the control room Inserts tab (under monitor but not on the bottom pre inserts slots)


Thanks Djerikgo that confirms it now.
You must admit it is odd at first.
I also have realized that line 3 and 4 for headphones from my Focusrite 6i6 is the inputs, so therefore the monitor would be outputs.
When i go to the connection list and then use dropdown ,you see headphones listed, this i why i got confused.
Why does that appear.
For my purposes i use the Genos workstation and vst, so i do not need a lot of connections, Also i cannot sing :smiley: > Maybe a little using vocoder. :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

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how about reading that part of the manual

that explains pretty well what is happening there…

here my setup

CUE 1 - Booth PH
CUE 2 - Reference
CUE 3 - Sonarworks

In Control room, open CUE 3 (Sonarworks) and load sonarworks there
send Stereo Out (Master channel) to CUE 3 (renamed to Sonarwoks) - in MixConsole use tab CUES to send signal to

Assign at midi or keyboard shorcut to switch between MIX & Cue’s :wink:

Annotation 2020-09-03 130231.jpg

that’s not the intended use…

Sonarworks should be the last in the chain and should compensate for the target it is associated with
so if you use headphones on the phones out insert sonarworks on the last slot on the phones and associate the hardware outputs the phones are connected to and apply the file for your headphones in SW
same for Speakers (monitors)
now you can switch your configured sources to the phones or to the monitors
and all is compensated (linearised) with sonarworks

When i go to the connection list and then use dropdown ,you see headphones listed, this i why i got confused.
Why does that appear.

what you mean with connection list?

You can rename all your ports as you like it… you can add an “in” or “out” to the ports names to avoid confusion

Hi to Everyone
Thanks for all of your input .
I am now getting the hang of it
I can see what is going on now.

All the best
John :stuck_out_tongue:

I went through the same search of finding the best way to use Sonarworks together with Cubase, and made a video about it. Perhaps of interest to some of you as well: