Sonarworks soundID creating massive cpu spikes on C13 (12 also)

I just happened to notice strange behaviour with Sonarworks soundID reference plugin. After reading a lot of general Cubase 13 cpu spikes happening I gave a closer look to my system.
So I have a project where is lots of(at least for me :sweat_smile:) vst instruments open.
Superior Drummer 3, Kontakt 7 /w bass instrument, 3 instances of Omnisphere 2 and 3 instances of Arturia Analog Lab V.
Of course I like to keep as low buffer settings as possible(32 usually) 'cause I’m recording guitar at the same time through amp sims. SoundId on control room inserts for headphones.
Of course my system would be quite stressed out at that moment.

So this is how it looks like with SoundID on control room.

It just so happened that I bypassed the soundID plugin and performance meter started to look like this:

Pretty wild difference.
Same effects on C13 and C12 also.

When I opened soundID plug on Stereo Out channel, it didn’t affect Asio performance at all. Only when in control room insert, cpu stresses out badly.
Has there been a bug long time or what is going on?
Anyone have any insights?

Machine specs: Win 10, I5-12600K, integrated graphics card, Audient ID14MK2 sound card

Hell, without soundID I could easily add some Vsts more and record at the same time with 16 buffer settings. Crazy!

EDIT Also maybe 20 plugins in use on tracks also

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Have you tried using that plugin on a control room cue mix, rather than a monitor output?

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Nope. Haven’t played much with cue mixes stuff.
Quess it would work also if it works straight on stereo out channel.
But isn’t the control room inserts just for this kind of plugin for?

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I’m on C13pro, Win 11, i512600k, nvidia3070, focusrite4i4 (4th gen). ASIO Guard on Low.
I have two instances of Sound ID on Control room inserts for Monitors and Headphones.
All working perfectly here - no severe spikes or performance issues.

Hmmm…I guess it’s time to at least update to win11 then and try again :sweat_smile:

there was a new update yesterday. did you try that, or maybe that was the issue that you did update? I have no problems with the sound id using it on the control room. Clicking my name shows my computer specs

No issue here with SoundID on the Control Room insert.
Cubase 13 / Win 11 updated.

You mean the sound id update?
Yeah,installed it but no effect whatsoever.

Only real difference is that all you guys have win11 with working sound id plug so indeed that would be my next step to try.
Any tips concerning the update from 10 to 11?

I find that Win 11 is very stable. I think there’s no problem with the upgrade. Cubase also seems to perform better.
But, apparently, everyone is a world apart.

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Windows 11 has been fantastic for me. better latency, and better stability overall.

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So, my main problem with performance (random spikes, audio dropouts) was generally solved by setting the CPU affinity - disabling CPU 0 for Cubase. Sometimes however (definitely less often than earlier) some spikes appear - after reading this tread - when such spikes occurred I turned off the Sonarworks plugin which I have as insert on my monitors in Control Room. Well, all spikes and audio dropouts were gone after doing this. So, yes, I can confirm Sonarworks soundID may interact with Cubase and its performance. I have the latest version of Sonarworks SoundID. I’m on Win11, i7-12700H, 64 GB RAM.

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Here is how it looks like:

That’s exactly how my system was operating! But you are also on win 11 but still having those problems…
I’m in the middle of installing win 11 now yet to try out C13pro.

But sound id shouldn’t make those cpu spikes on control room if it works perfectly on other channels like stereo out right?

Didn’t try to use it on different outputs (like stereo out) I use it only as insert nn Control Room monitors. If this happens only when inserted in Control Room this is indeed very strange.

Oh Happy days!
Just gave a test drive with C13 and win 11. It’s much more stable now!
With the same setup as in first pic I send real time hops between 5-10% and peak is generally 50% except for occasional spikes(doesn’t produce cracles or anything). This with 32 buffer setting. Easily can go to 16 without problems.
But now indeed placing the sound id on control room or anywhere else doesn’t change a thing in audio performance!

So should I mark my own comment about giving win 11 a chance as a Solution now? :joy:


Unfortunately in my case seems to be even worse after the last SoundID update. The plugin is very unstable, causing chaotic spikes and audio drop-outs, crashing Cubase from time to time.

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And the issues with SoundID I have ONLY in Cubase 13. No problem at all in Cubase 12 - no spikes, no audio dropouts, no crashing. So it may be Cubase 13 related more than Sonarworks plugin.

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Anyone having this problem - to bypass this issue please use software called AudioGridder and insert the SoundID plugin via AuioGridder plugin. That solved my problems. So now I’m convinced that this is Cubase 13 vst handling problem/issue, not the Sonarworks plugin.