Sonarworks SoundID Reference - Plug-in blocked

I have recently installed the new version of Sonarworks SoundID Reference. I have a problem with Nuenndo. The plug-in ends in the blocklist with the message that 32-bit plugins are no longer supported. I’m on a mac pro with Catalina 10.15.7. Anyone know how to fix this?

use the 64bit version?

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Outside of Nuendo I can’t tell you what is 64-bit and what is 32-bit. Sonarwork’s installer installs only one Plug in the VST folder. (Reference 4 is the old version)

You’ll have to install a 64 bit version.

It would be nice to have a choice, it didn’t seem like there were two different installation processes, one for 32-bit and one for 64-bit. Do you know how to install the 64-bit plug?

The VST3 is 64bit already…

or ask the people at Sonarworks
they have a lot of work to do… :wink:

I have already submitted a ticket to Soareorks. Unfortunately, the SoundID plugin is not installed in the VST3 folder here. In any case, the plugins in the VST2 folder are also 64-bit. I’ve plenty of plugs working fine in VST2 folder.

ok searched a bit
SoundID is not VST3 compatible, only VST2

Can you access the AU version on the MAC?

I think the last Update of the Sonarworks Software made it all worse… nothing works like you expect…
Terrible user expirience…


Hi! I got the same annoying problem.
But it seems okay after I deleted the old vst plugin, reinstalled and reactivated the plugin.
Though the plugin manager still shows warning, unless the session does crash I am okay with it.

Sorry what do you mean with "old Plugin "?

I can tell you that since installing SoundID I have had strange problems with RX7. Whenever I try to open an RX plug, Nuendo crashes. It just happened in those projects with which I used SoundID. Now to retrieve the projects I’m exporting AFF and then importing everything into my TV project template. I don’t know if there is a correlation, but anyway it’s strange. I threw SoundID out of the computer. Now I’m using Reference 4 again.

Hi! Sorry for the unclear answer.
The old plugin means the vst file in the vst audio plugin folder (I use Mac then it means the SoundID Reference VST Plugin.vst in the /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST).

I deleted the SoundID Reference VST Plugin.vst and reinstalled it from the website.

After the reinstallation, I reactivated it from the vst plugin manager and then it just worked.