Song Preview Clip

I mentioned this a year or so back but I think it would be great if Cubase had a “preview” function so that before you open a project it would allow a 15-30 second preview of the song. This could be something that you set up within the song, say like a chorus or whatever, so you would know what the track is in case you don’t recognize by name. Cubase could have a little exported mp3 or whatever that happens behind the scenes. Maybe some independent markers or whatever.

I think a lot of us have tons of tracks & ideas and we have no idea what they are and it can be somewhat of a drag to have to open the full track to see what it actually is.

Maybe just add this to the hub?

What do you guys think?



I have always wanted this, I have 1000s of tracks/riffs/ideas with tentative titles. Even a “Steinberg Project Player” - a player that would load all the elements of your session without having to open up the session.

Another option, as you suggested would be to have a save feature that. Or maybe if you do a save as, there’s a check mark for “Create preview”

Hm, how should this work? You can’t just load in the first 30 seconds. You have to load the whole project. When you’ve finished a project, you can save a MP3 oder WAV-File :wink: