Song/Time begins at Bar Number 201

In the Project Settings there are some options to create offsets. But somehow i could not manage that time begins/is 0:00 at Bar Number 201. Although i don´t know how to answer the questions regarding timecode and mastertrack which usually come up if you change settings there.

Thank you!

Type in -200 not 200 in the Display Bar Offset box i the Project. You have the offset measure you are wanting to get to but remember, Cubase starts at measure 1

I gues i forgot to mention that i just want a time display offset. I still want to have bar 1-200 in my project. Just measuring time should start at bar 201. Thats all. :wink:

„Set timecode at cursor“

Sorry, what do you mean with cursor? Songposition? And where should i set it?

  1. Set your cursor at the bar you want your time to start
  2. Project/Set Time Code at Cursor
  3. A box will show up, set all those SMPTE fields to 00:00:00:00
  4. Hit play

If that is not what you are looking for then maybe this
Project/Project Setup/Display Bar Offset?

Well now i can´t access any bar before Bar 201 anymore. And i cannot undo it!!

Repeat steps, but set your playback cursor at bar 1, zero out the fields again and voila, back to normal

It worked. I had to confirm the question regarding the timecode-positions with yes. Thanks a lot!