Songs going into the red/clip zone help?

Are there any tips an tricks people know to making recordings sound full/loud without going into the red/clip zones ?

Its not even that the original recordings sound loud but its tippin into the red zone. Individually the tracks are fine, but when they’re all playing together it tips it over the edge.

Ive tried turning the faders down but then the song sounds too quiet…

If you’ve ever heard a song called, Come On, Be a No-One by The Cribs, thats a song that sounds way ‘louder’ than your average song so im lost as to how this is achieved let alone a standard sounding song.

On my songs i have audio tracks for bass, electric and vocals as well as instrument tracks for drums, piano, synths etc


Saturation plugins, like universal audio’s precision buss compressor.

Book a studio and see how the engineer does it. Seriously. Save you years of coming to places like this trying unsuccessfully to learn the basics off dodgy anonymous posters. Bit like posting on a guitarists forum and asking how you get that Jeff Beck sound.
It’s an art so even with talent it will take years to get it.

Thanks for the advice people. I’ll give learning how to use eq an compression a go. I do find the technical side of recording tedious. But it’s obviously essential. booking a studio is a good idea to see how it’s done properly so that might b a road I may need to go down.


Which isn’t a saturation plugin; it’s a… um… buss compressor!

Wrong plugin, my fault. Universal audio’s Precision Maximizer

Quick and simple, put the cubase maximzer on the master output, adjust to taste or try the presets and see if it sounds more how you want it !

is there any way to do this w/o creating a group track and routing all the other tracks to it? i cant seem to find a way to add any inserts to the master output.

Press the “write” button of the master out twice.

thank you. much appreciated.

I advise you to read this topic on gearslutz forum about gain staging in daw:

Don’t mix too loud. Stay well below 0dbfs on master buss and on individual channels and leave some headroom for mastering. Making songs louder is job for a mastering engineer. If you master your own songs, than do this after you mixed your songs.


Nooooooo, don’t mention gain staging.

Yeah… that is sooo analog!