Songs i did in pro 24 there any way to get the midi from the floppys so i can use in cubase 12?

i found a load of my old rave tracks and session work i did in the 90s…i used a atari 1040 and pro 24,i still have them both but dont have room to hook them up again and as times change ive used a pc for recording for years…but i would like if possible to use some of the tracks and remix them to make them more modern sounding…
is there anyway too do this?i have the floppy discs

I remember the Amiga had a different floppy disk standard than PC so they were not compatible, don’t know if Atari was the same. So even the files themselves would open, you might have a job reading the disks.

You would have to:

  1. Import the .SNG files into Cubase for Atari, save as .ARR
  2. Import the .ARR files into Cubase VST, save
  3. Import the Cubase VST .ARR files into Cubase SX, save as .CPR

…and then you’ll be able to open the project in modern versions of Cubase.

If you still have that Atari lying around, it might be easier to just play the project and record the MIDI output using modern Cubase.

Just how Romantique described it, being all so cumbersome it’s pretty awesome that it’s still possible 35 years later :+1: :+1:
I do from ARR all the time but not right back to Pro 24 SNG files