Songwriter Esentials loads The Songwriter

Hi Experts,
After installing Songwriter Essentials for Groove Agent 5, I get two vstsound files (242 and 243) and an Instrument_set_Songwriter_Kit_installer_win.exe
I assume the executable will install some required components, but it installs “The Songwriter” library. Then Cubase complains that I don’t own a license for The Songwriter.
Do I need to run that executable to work with Songwriter Essentials? If it is so, why is the licensee missing? If it is not, what is the executable doing there in the first place?
Can someone clarify this for me?
Thanks in advance!

hi Luis

I assume that when you bought Songwriter Essentials you received an activation or a download code ?

I don’t have this particular library but every other Groove Agent library needs a licence installing on your elicencer - additionally the vstsound files need registering in the Steinberg Library Manager

Hi Strangelove, Thanks for the reply!
yes I have a license for the Essentials, it is in the e-licenser and the vstsound files are in the library manager. Is the “The Songwriter” piece that is creating the problem. It ends in the Library Manager as well, but there is no license for it.


hi Luis

in that case it’s a mystery to me - any idea what the library is that the exe installs ?

(marking it as unsolved until we get a proper answer :slight_smile: )

It install “The Songwriter”, which is a different product from “Songwriter Essentials” requiring another license.


ahh ok

yes the songwriter is a different, more expensive!, pack than the essentials. As you say it’s a different licence too,

Maybe that was downloaded in error from the Download Assistant ?

I removed both libraries deleted the folders and did a fresh reinstall of Essential. Now it works as expected.
I don’t know what went wrong, but it seems ok now.
Thanks for your help!


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